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Drama Bahasa Inggris

Hay! Read this story and enjoy it!! Maaf ya kalau ada salah-salah translate hihi


1.    A. Aria BagasSatria W. H                               (21)
As “EdwardCulun”
Vampire, charming,mature, Bella’s husband
2.    Indah DwiRodhiyah                                                   (24)
As“Bella Sawan”
The new vampire, beautiful, good attitude
3.    AyustyaKrisnaputri                                                    (28)
As “Mafia 1”
Half blood vampire, cruel, beautiful, ambisius, want to get an immortal life
4.    AmadheaSeptiningtyas                                             (31)
As“Detective 2”
Little bit vampire, smart, paranoid, have sixsense
5.    AnggiaWitantri                                                 (32)
As“Detective 1”
Little bit vampire, funny, smart, brilliant
6.    IqbalAndhiBrianto                                                     (36)
As “Mafia 2”
Half blood vampire, cruel, marksman
7.    MochammadAdhiPrasetyo                                       (37)
As“Detective 3”
Little bit vampire, voracious, smart, strong
8.    WindraAlfatah Surya                                       (38)
As“Mafia 3”                       
Half blood vampire, idiot, obedient

Bella, Where Are You?
Bella I need u…..

          Once upon a time there lived a new couple looked very happy and romantic. They lived in the beautiful castle in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bella, a flawless woman and a good personality so well liked. That's what makes Edward falls in love with her. Edward was an ideal man for the women so that everywoman envious of the couple but in fact they are an immortal vampire.
Bella the Edward's wife was given a socks by Edward’s mother that can makes immortal life. This is what makes "3 Mafia" wants immortal life. So they want to kidnaped Bella and take holly socks. What happens next? Check this out....
Edward       : “Good morning, hunny bunny sweety”
Bella           : “Yeah, morning my dear”
Edward       : “Where are you going right now?”
Bella           : “I wanna going to the market, bebski”
Edward       : “Do you want me to accompany you to the market beibh?”
Bella           : “No, bebski thank you. I want to the market alone”
Edward       : “Are you serious?”
Bella           : “Yeah tworiousbebski. Muah”
Edward       : “Okay, take carebeibh. Muah”

When Bella go to the market, there are “3 Mafia” following her into the market. After shopping, Bella back to parking area. Suddenly “3 Mafia” waylay Bella..
Bella           : “Who are you? What are doing now? What do you want from me?”
Mafia 3       : “Wooaahh the youngest Bella”
Mafia 2       : “WOHAHAHA Bella….Bellaaa…Bella”
Mafia 1       : “Hahaha take her to our car right now hahaha”
Bella           : “ARRGGHH OH HELP ME!! EDWARDDD…..”
Bella was kidnaped by “3 Mafia” and she prisoned somewhere deep inside the forest. When was Bella kidnap, Edward feel something wrong was happened. After that he decided to go after Bella to the market, but no result…..
Edward       : “Bella, where are you?” BELLAAAAAA!! Bella, I love you. I need youuuuu so much huhuhu”

Somewhere deep inside in the forest where Bella get kidnap……
Mafia 1       : “Bella sawan……where is your husband? Who cares about you?”
Mafia 2       : “WOAHAHAHA, poor little Bella”
Mafia 3       : “No, the youngest Bella, beautiful”
Bella           : “What do you want for me?”
(effect PLAK)
Mafia 1       : “I think you have something that belongs to me?”
Bella           : “What are you talking about?”
Mafia 3       : “Liar!!!!!!!”
Mafia 1       : “Where is the socks? That’s makes you immortal life I want it so much. Don’t play with me Bella!!!”
Mafia 2       : “Answer her question, Bella!”
Bella           : “I don’t know what you talking about”
Mafia 3       : “Wrong answer Bella! I will kill you now!!!”
Mafia 1       : “Calm down baby, we still need her okay”
Mafia 2       : “You should tell her Bella”
Mafia 1       : “Where is the socks Bella?
Bella           : “Okay…okay…okay, I will tell you where is the socks…”

In the Edward’s house…
Edward       : “What can I do to find you Bella? Where are you my darling? I miss you so much. Come back to me please. God help me please”

Edward       : “Hallo”
Detective 1  : “Is it Edward’s house? Can I speak with the owner?”
Edward       : “Yes, it is. Who are you?”
Detective 1  : “Iam detective from TGIF. I think you have some problem that Bella was kidnaped by “3 Mafia” isn’t it?”
Edward       : “Woah, so amazing. How do you know about it? I really want Bella come back to me. Can you help me please?”
Detective 1  : “Yes, of course. When we can meet?”
Edward       : “Right now, detective”

After they talked on the phone, “3 Detective” come to Edward’s house……
(knock the door)
Detective 2  : “Good evening. Excuse me”
Detective 3  : “Anybody home?”
Edward       : “Good evening.Are you detective?”
Detective 2  : “Yes, right”
Edward       : “Okay, please come in”
Detective 3  : “When Bella was kidnaped?”
Edward       : “In the morning when she going to the market, she when there alone”
Detective 1  : “Okay, we try to find her”
Detective 2  : “Yeah alright and we will kill 3 Mafia”
Detective 3  : “Are you sure? They are half blood vampire right?”
Detective 2  : “We are detective, they are just mafia!”
Detective 1  : “Sure we can defeat it them”
Edward       : “Shut up, please find Bella and bring back to me right now!”
Detective 2  : “Yeah, come on guys”
Detective 1  : “Lets go and I will kill them”
Detective 3  : “Calm down mister, sure we can find her. Trust me it work”

After that, “3 Detective” going to the market where Bella was kidnaped. At the market, they are asking to everyone.
Detective 3  : “Do you see her?”
Mafia 3       : “Haaaa the youngest Bella?”
Detective 1  : “I think I have seen the women”
Detective 2  : “Are you sure?”
Detective 1  : “Yeah”
Mafia 1       : “I don’t know, why you find her?”
Detective 3  : “She was kidnaped by 3 Mafia”
Detective 1  : “You’re liar, you mafia right?”
Mafia 1       : “Bulshit, I am not a mafia. Lets go home guys”
Mafia 2       : “Okay, its better if you shut your mouth”
Mafia 3       : “Oh Bella, the girl who we kidnap yesterday”
Mafia 1       : “Stupid”
Detective 2  : “Yeah, I think they are really 3 Mafia”
Detective 1  : “Yes right. Lets go follow them”

Finaly they follow the “3 Mafia” to find out  where they go and where they hide  Bella Sawan.finaly they arrived at the some kind of warehouse in the forest…..
Detective 1  : “i think that’s where they hide Bella”
Detective 2  : “Oh i see, let’s go check it
Detective 3  : “ahhh let’s get something to eat,i’m really hungry
Detective 2  : “what are you talking about,we are now in the critical situation you know! Please don’t think about eating and eating everytime
Detective 1  : “Hey stop!, i think it’s better that we go there now and find bella right now!!
Detective 3  : “Are you ready guys?”
Detective1,2: “READY!!!!”

In the warehouse the three detective saw that Bella was interogated by the 3 mafia…….
Mafia 1       : “Bella! You’re a liar, you give us the wrong address ha? Do you want to live or not bella? Answer me you fool!!!!” (plak)
Mafia 2       : “Answer bella,or you want to die fast ?”
Mafia 3       : “go tell him you little girl,or i will kill you!!!
Mafia 1       : “answer bella, do you hear me right?”
Bella           : “Iam sorry…….aaaaaaaaa….it hurt
Mafia 2       : “Wohahahahaha it hurts right? So tell us now..
Mafia 3       : “Come on Bella”
Mafia 1       : “Bella i give you one more chance or you will always regret it forever...”
Bella           : “mmmh….i put it in….”
All Detec     : “freeze hands in the air you three little scum!!!!!”
Bella           : “Please help me…..”
Mafia 1       : “what is this? Oooh you wanna play with us too..?
Mafia 2       : “hahahaha you think we’re gonna afraid of you?”
Mafia 3       : “Hahaha, let’s finish them all guys”

The fight beetwen the 3 detective and the 3 mafia finally started, and the 3 detective was defeated by the 3 cruel mafia.
Mafia 2       : “Wohahaha do you still want to fight us?”
Detective 2  : “we never surrender until we get bella back!!
Mafia 3       : “what can you three fools man do again? hahaha
Mafia 1       : “oh maybe you i should end this now? Kill them all now
Detective 3  : “No….no…no it’s enough we surrender
Detective 1  : “no!! We never surrender
Mafia 2       : “if that’s what you want okay,let’s kill them now
Detective 3  : “i give up i can’t fight you anymore
Mafia 1       : “oh you surrender? What a poor detective, Ok i give you a choices,  i will kill all of you now or you gonna tell Edward to come here and give us the sock. Or you will know what will happen to bella if you not fullfil your promise hahahahahha”
Detective 2  : “Okay i will tell edward, wait for our revenge
Mafia 3       : “so long sucker

Finally the 3 Detective comeback to see Edward, with their body full of damage and they fail to bring back bella..
Detective 1  : “Iam sorry sir, we fail to bring back bella...
Edward       : “what did you say? Where is my Bella?”
Detective 2  : “we’re sorry, sir. They are to strong for us
Detective 3  : “but they challenge you sir,they wait in the warehouse in the forest and they said something about a socks
Edward       : “What? fine,if they want to challenge me,i accept their challenge. Bring me to their warehouse!!
All Dect      : “YES SIR!!!”

In the next day Edward and the 3 Detective go to the dark forest where the 3 mafia wait him………
Edward       : “where is bella!?!??”
Mafia 2       : “give us the sock first!!!
Edward       : “No!, i will not give it to you!!
Mafia 3       : “i think you want to see bella die here hahahahahaha.....
Detective 3  : “i think you should give the sock sir...
Edward       : “okay here’s the deal,i give you the sock,you give me my bella
Mafia 1       : “okay” (memberikanbella)
Suddenly bella run fast with edward and edward didn’t give the holy socks.finnaly the 3 mafia and the 3 detective begun to fight, until the 3 mafia killed one by one.
 Bella and Edward live happily after and forever

                                                         THE END

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